"How do you perform in THE MOMENT IT MATTERS?"...

Whatever your involvement in sport, you are likely to face challenges that impact on your performance at some point. Whether it's in your personal life or is performance related, there is a way through.

As a competitor, coach, official and mentor in both individual and team sports, Karen understands the demands of peak performance and believes that mental agility key. 

Karen works with elite athletes, amateur competitors and everyone in between, to create agile minds to consistently overcome barriers to success and achieve peak performance, confidence, fulfilment and much more. She also works with coaches to further develop and refine their communication techniques and delivery style, ensuring they get the best out of every participant they work with – Karen refers to this as “coaching with intelligence”. Not forgetting the sporting officials who are often on the receiving end of sharp critique, which can in some cases destroy their confidence and negatively impact their judgement when making critical decisions in "the moment it matters!".

"You are the expert in your world and your story matters! I work as the facilitator between the conscious and unconscious mind. Challenging thoughts and ideas, and delivering rapid change techniques to create new neural pathways that evoke desired change."

There are 4 elements that make up sport performance - Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental. The demands of these elements will depend on the type of sport and the individual performer. While most will focus on the first few elements, many neglect their mental game.

By working with Karen you will identify and discover any known or hidden barriers, target them, create new neural pathways and take your overall performance to another level...

"When fitness and technical ability are equal, it is refined mental skills that will give the edge."

Karen has worked on the mental game with individuals, teams and officials in the following sports…

  • Equestrian (as a specialist) – Dressage, SJ, Eventing, Racing

  • Ball sports – Netball (as a specialist), Football, Rugby, Cricket, Golf

  • Racquet sports – Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Table Tennis

  • Water sports – ZapCat Racing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Rowing, Swimming

  • Motor sports – Moto-X (and SX), Speedway

  • Other – Darts, Snooker, Boxing, Ultra-marathon, Triathlon, Gymnastics, Climbing, Snowboarding

Other performance led areas Karen has worked with...

  • Stage performers - singers, dancers, comedians and public speakers

  • Corporate leaders and senior execs


"If something is holding you back or getting in the way of your best performance, I understand it can be a bold move to reach out, especially if it's not something you've ever done before. So whether it's a personal or professional reason why not get in touch for a judgement-free, no pressure, no obligation chat to see if coaching could be a good step for you. You might be surprised!"...