Women in the boardroom? Now is your time…

Are you a woman who would like to be in the boardroom?

By 2020, the government wants one-third of boards and executive committee jobs to be held by women. And the UK still needs another 1.5 million women in management roles by 2024.

Employers are fast recognising the importance and benefits of gender diversity across management and senior management roles within the workplace. Thus creating a path of opportunities to empower women in the workplace. The most successful businesses recruit for attitude and aptitude, while maintaining a gender balance.

Though the ability to fulfil a role is not really about gender, it’s about whether or not a person can perform and deliver in a particular role. By nature, both men and women will contribute different experiences and perspectives that the other cannot. This does not mean that a specific gender is more capable of fulfilling an exec role.

It’s time to banish the myths about “men only” in the board room. And ladies… you don’t have to be of a masculine nature to “fit in” or undertake a board level role.

Would you like to further your career and know you are capable of more but perhaps that job seems out of reach.

We work with you to overcome your mental and emotional barriers to personal success. Discovering your inner leader and building the inner confidence, strength and resilience for performance consistency.

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