Wimbledon – The Psychology Of Champions

Professional players at the top of their game have embarked on a long journey to their personal success. Employing a team of experts who compliment their style, align with their values and share their desire for success.

These experts combined with science and modern day technology, means that players are reaching their peak and maintaining it. From fitness, nutrition and the best equipment available, to technical and tactical play on the court. As a result the margins between players are ever decreasing. A great example of this is both Semi-final matches; Andersen v Isner and Nadal v Djokovic.

The increased number of close matches at Wimbledon this year has been a clear reflection of players having worked on their mental game, demonstrating mentally agile performances throughout the tournament.

Imagine… You’ve trained every aspect of your game to the best of your ability. Once you arrive on court there’s no margin for error and you’re all alone (apart from thousands of spectators and your team watching on). The only variable is how you think, feel and respond in the moment it matters. You’re left inside your own head to make the right decisions and carry yourself through the match.

Have you noticed how world class players manage their mental state while on the court? From anger, frustration, berating themselves and silence, to inflicting pain, screams, laughter, elation and glances at their team – all examples of raw emotion and behaviours born from the desire to win, and a pure passion for what they do best.

The key to success (when margins are so narrow) is the ability to manage your mental state and use emotions to your advantage in the moment it matters.

Imagine what you could achieve if you mastered your mental game?!


How is your mental agility?

What happens to you in the moment it matters?

Have you mastered the art of your emotions?

Imagine what you could achieve with a Mental Performance Coach!

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