The power of RESILIENCE…


I was hooked in the 2nd half & when Wales were trailing 18-27 Ireland were tired and there was a subtle dip in their performance. I genuinely believed at this point that Wales could actually win this match. Fortunately Wales’ belief was so powerful they naturally rose up & adapted to an attacking mindset, creating opportunities, while maintaining a strong defence. They took full advantage of Ireland’s lull (they found “the gap” and filled it) by closing the score to a 3 point deficit.

Whether in sport or business, resilience is one of the most powerful tools in the mental performance armoury. The ability to switch from defensive to attacking play in the moment it matters (and back again) is a skill in itself. One that is adopted by all successful sport & business professionals.

The result…

A final score that did not wholly reflect the quality of the match play by either team.

It may not have been a win for Wales, and on reflection they will undoubtedly wish they had approached the match differently in the first half, however they will be able to draw strength and positivity from their unquestionable force of resilience and mental toughness. A consistent demonstration of mental agility in its purest form. A team effort and overall performance to be proud of.

The definition of Resilience: The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune.

Imagine what your team could achieve if every individual had the ability to navigate every situation.

How do you perform in the moment it matters?

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