The mental performance of umpires and match officials!

Umpires & Officials

Imagine being the umpire in an atmosphere like that?!

Not only are you managing a game, in this instance a very fast, competitive, physical match of top class players who played their hearts out to the very end, but also an electric atmosphere that was being aired live on Sky TV.

So what does it take to be a professional, world class umpire who performs consistently in these high-pressured environments?

It is said that the best umpires are barely noticed during a match. Why? Because they have all the attributes to manage a game with intense focus, concentration, decisiveness & control in the moment it matters, regardless of the situation.

I absolutely commend the flawless performance of the umpiring team consisting of Gary Burgess, Jackie Mizon, and James Thomas as reserve umpire.

The fitness, skill and mental agility of masters at work.

Umpires often get a hard rap and yet few will pick up a whistle! In some cases many have but haven’t lasted long because they can’t cope with the backlash or criticism from players, coaches or spectators. Even at local league level.

Imagine what umpire you could become if you had the confidence or mental toughness to manage every situation.

Outward Success works with match officials across a wide range of sports and at all levels from professionals to grass roots. Providing them with the tools to improve their mental toughness and perform in the moment it matters.

What does it take to be an umpire at this level?…

It’s certainly not just fitness and knowing the rules! There are many multi-faceted elements that make a professional umpire, and mental toughness is the icing on the cake.

If you would like more confidence, self-belief, or to develop your mental toughness for an officiating role. Maybe you are preparing for a professional officiating qualification & need help to manage your nerves for assessment day. Whatever your mindset needs Outward Success is ready to hear from you.

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