The legend that is ROGER FEDERER.

In my opinion one of the worlds greatest and most intelligent sportsman. His elegance, grace and integrity combined with an injection of pure power, passion, dedication and commitment. So grounded and humble… what a guy and what a support team behind him.

Today he did not disappoint. An honest and gracious display. Dictating play from the break of serve in the first set.

Variety of shots, the nimble footwork His mental agility demonstrated by his composure, always allowing himself to stay in the present, all the way to the very end.

The coolest and most mentally agile player on the circuit. An absolute pleasure and privilege to watch. Thank you Roger Federer

It’s not over until it’s over. Roger showed signs of nerves when serving for the match but that didn’t last. His resilience, belief and certainty pushed him straight through.

After 6 months off due to injury, then coming back to perform better than ever. Roger: “I kept on believing and dreaming. It’s amazing how far you can come when you believe. I hope to be back here this time next year.”

An emotional moment shown by Roger

The only man to hold the record for winning the Wimbledon Championship for the 8th time.

Cilic. After playing so well throughout the championship, it wasn’t Marin’s day. Faced with frustration due to injury. Experiencing raw emotional overwhelm in the second set. Slowing down, making mistakes and unable to regroup. A very dignified response from Marin during the presentation with no excuses for his performance. What a pro.

As a mental performance coach I know that today’s match will have given Marin all the experience of what it takes to become a future champion. He will come back stronger than ever.

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