Taking back control…

A great story from one of my clients about how taking back control can lead to fantastic changes…

The biggest change I think I have most definitely noticed about myself is that I’m thinking about how I can sort out a problem rather than dwelling on the “I can’t do this”, “I’m rubbish”. I’ve noticed that I’m thinking about how I can make it better next time. Don’t get me wrong I still think at times I can’t do this, but it doesn’t last for long. Then I’ve been finding that I’m thinking about how I can improve, hopefully learn how to make it better. So then in time, no more “I can’t”. So I end up with lots more tools in my bag. I’ve learnt to stop letting things/people control me. Now this has made a MASSIVE difference!!!! Learning how to regain control and letting go of the things that I can not control has enabled me to improve on my test riding (dressage) with my marks going from a 5-6 to 8’s! And not be too worried if something doesn’t go quite to plan. As cheesy as this sounds I have started to ask myself when I start saying “I can’t do this” I’ll say “why can’t I?” Its sounds naf, but it really does work.

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