MXGP Kicks off this weekend…

Have you unlocked your mental game?

There are four elements that make up your performance on the track –

• Technical

• Tactical

• Physical

• Mental

Riders invest heavily in three of these areas & often neglect the most important one, the mental aspect. How often do you invest in your mental performance?

Mastering this aspect of your performance can help to achieve…

• Quicker lap times

• Smooth, consistent riding

• Increase & maintain your lead

• Rider confidence & self-belief

• Managing outside pressures

• Overcoming fears of jumping the bigger jumps

… and so much more, including returning to racing following an injury or break, and stopping arm-pump for good.

In 2017 we worked with a number of MX riders from amateurs to pro’s, and of all ages (even vets… It’s never too late!) to overcome a number of mental challenges, eg. negative thoughts, self-doubt, and manage their performance output in the moment in matters.

When riders are matched in skill, ability and physical fitness, it’s more often the one with the fine tuned mental skills who achieves success.

Could you be the next to unlock your full potential?

It’s up to you if you want to keep rewriting the same story about your race results and overall performance.

If you know you’ve got more in you and you’re serious about unlocking your full potential on the track, and achieving more for yourself this season then we’re ready to work with you.

Alternatively, if your club would like one of our inspiring MX performance talks for their club members then get in touch!!


Freephone: 0800 043 1183

Perhaps you’re resistant to mental performance coaching. If this is the case check back over the weekend to see our latest video!

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