Mental Performance In Netball – What A Match!

Team Bath (51) v (60) Manchester Thunder

(Video – The final few seconds)

The score did not reflect the quality of the match play. It was a 60 minute display of pure talent at work. Demonstrating skill, fitness and mental agility at its best.

Every stage of the game turned out to be a relentless yet exciting battle for the win. The atmosphere at the venue was buzzing, you could literally feel the energy as the crowd looked on. Unfortunately, despite the home crowd willing Bath on for the win, they couldn’t pull it back in the final stages, but still, what an awesome performance by both teams. A superb display of what this sport is about.

There are four elements that make up the overall performance of a team…

• Technical

• Tactical

• Physical

• Mental

So much is invested in three of these areas. It is believed by so many that to win you just have to keep pushing harder and harder. While this is true to a degree there comes a point in which a team or athlete cannot push harder fore they will be faced with burnout, exhaustion, or worse still, injury!

It’s important to note that when the skill, fitness and ability of teams are equally matched, it is the team with the finely tuned mental skills who will have the performance edge.

The ‘Mental Challenges’ that appeared to affect the performance of Team Bath in last nights match…

• Player swaps

• Position changes

• Umpire decisions

• Opposition leading for the majority of the game

• Players’ reactions to certain situations

These are all regular occurrences for any team and depending on the circumstances, they can sometimes have a positive or negative impact.

The mental performance of high-performing athletes and teams is widely recognised in many sports as a fundamental part of their training & performance programmes. Though some sports are slower to engage in this area of development, and on reflection they often wonder why they hadn’t discovered its power before!

The smallest tweaks to a team or players’ mindset in order to manage themselves in these situations (and many more) can make the biggest difference to the overall performance and ultimately the results.

Imagine what your team could achieve if every player had the ability to adapt to any situation!!!

Will your team/squad/club be the next to unlock their full potential?

Last year Outward Success worked with a number of players and teams from elite level through to junior league, helping players to develop their mindset and improve their overall mental agility.

“It’s given our squad of RL1 & 2 players a different perspective. I don’t want to give away too much as I believe your work has been the secret weapon to our recent success. I hope that you are not working with too many other teams!!! Thank you Karen, your work is awesome.”

RL1 Coach

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