Leaving the negative behind…

Another great success story from one of my clients. When we leave the negative behind, a whole world of opportunity opens up for us.

I was at a crossroads, both in my working life and in my life as a rider, and in need of some help. During my first coaching programme Karen helped me not to hang on to things in the past but to open up to new opportunities. I’m now able to break a problem down into little bite-size chunks so it’s not so daunting. When things go wrong I can put them into perspective. I’ve learnt to prioritise and focus on the important steps, whist getting rid of my negative fearful ‘mind videos’. We then went on to discover how I could pursue these new chances and changes in my life and make the most of them. I’ve learnt to trust myself and to leave negative stuff behind. To put energy into priorities. To take new steps and explain to other people why I’m taking them, even when they may not be happy about it. It has given me a toolbox to help cope with difficult circumstances. I’m building a new business up and I’ve moved to a new horse. Thanks to Karen I’ve gained confidence and very much enjoyed my sessions with her. It has been a truly great experience and I would recommend her to anyone. I’ve already booked my next coaching programme and can’t wait to see what opportunities it unlocks.

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