Kyle Edmund – Why I don’t use drop shots?

His reply was… as a young player my coach once said “if you do another drop shot you’ll be taken off”. Without even realising, until it was too late, he played another drop shot. His coach, true to his word, took Kyle off the court.

Isn’t that impact incredible? All those years ago as a child. The now British no 1 still carries this in his mind and clearly lives by the unconscious belief he will be taken off. Of course, all these years on, he knows this isn’t true but the belief was so deeply embedded by the consequences – Now that’s powerful.

The viewer who sent in this question to ask Kyle may have just become the catalyst of a significant change to the player’s future shot selection when on court. Watch this space as it won’t happen overnight but it likely will in the not so distant future.

There’s two messages from this…

Coaches – your words are powerful, use them carefully and thoughtfully.

Players – What outdated and limiting beliefs are you still carrying that could do with an upgrade?

I wonder if Kyle was even conscious that he was still carrying this outdated habit of “no drop shots” until he answered the question. I wonder how this will now change the future of his performance.

Mindset is everything, especially when the skill, fitness and ability of players is so closely matched.

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