BURNOUT – Are you getting close?!

You’re recognised as a high performer. You’re the go-to person. There’s no shortage of work, projects, or people demanding your time and energy. For a long time it feels great. You’re getting the recognition, promotion, and progression you crave. The temptation is to keep saying yes to everything. Partly out of fear of letting people down and partly in belief that this will mean even more of what you crave. There can be detrimental consequences to this though.

To maintain the pace of work you start to make sacrifices socially and professionally. The hours get longer and the holidays less frequent. You become isolated as friendships and relationships wither away. Meals are skipped and sleep becomes a luxury. All the time you’re building a debt of mental wellbeing. One that you convince yourself you’ll pay off later. Almost without warning though that debt can overwhelm you and you’ve become a victim of burnout.

Exhaustion debilitates you. You’re so tired that you barely know what day of the week it is. You suffer memory lapses and your speech becomes impaired. Your emotions are a roller coaster. One minute you feel fine and the next on the verge of tears. Anxiety attacks several times a day become the norm. You feel permanently physically and mentally sick. All the while you’re trying to maintain the pace and volume of work so not to lose the reputation you’ve worked so hard for or let people down. You bury your exhaustion, but this simply exacerbates the problem. You secretly hope that someone who can make a difference will notice how desperate you are. Even if you find the courage to speak to someone they often fail to notice your cry for help or they aren’t equipped to help you. You fall even deeper into a dark place. You figure you will find a way through, you usually do!Only this time despite your efforts you can’t seem to overcome it. Everything you’ve strived for starts to crumble.

There is a way back though, you just haven’t found it yet…

Coaching from Outward Success can help you restore and strengthen your mental wellbeing. Equipping you to deal with stress and adversity. Giving you the confidence to say no without feeling like you’re sacrificing your career. Building your self-awareness so you can avoid burnout in the future. To find out more about our coaching simply get in touch.

We are currently working with a large number of professionals who are faced with a range of challenges in the workplace. Changing behaviours for personal and professional success.

What’s your challenge right now?…

No matter how big or small your challenge, why not get in touch to see how we can help you to improve or get back on track.

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