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"Together we create simple, rapid and powerful change to unlock your best performance."

"Success is personal and defined entirely by you"...

Hi, my name is Karen Croft and my role is to help facilitate between your conscious and unconscious mind, untangle the complicated knots and set you free to consistently perform at your best. Providing as much or as little guidance, education and support as you need to get you to wherever you want to go – liken me to your mental sat nav!

Whether you have grand plans, dreams of achieving your best performance yet, or in need of a confidence boost to get you going again, the sessions are tailored to you and your individual needs... "It's all about you!"

I understand reaching out to work with someone on a personal level can be daunting, so why not get in touch to arrange a no pressure, no obligation chat and see if coaching could be a good step for you.


While many clients report it’s the best “therapy” they have ever had... because IT WORKS!

Coaching is not therapy, nor is it consulting. It is a personal process of discovery and desired change.

Karen's signature coaching is an effective way for you to get results and achieve more of what you want. Using a unique blend of coaching techniques, neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis, Karen puts you in the driving seat and helps you navigate your way to personal and professional success - from the inside out.


Tuning the mind for your ultimate performance...

All sessions are expertly paced and tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you achieve optimum results from our work together. From a 60 minute session, a one-day 'Breakthrough' intensive, to a bespoke coaching package designed to align with you and your long-term goals; wherever you are in the world.


An initial discussion provides a perfect opportunity to discuss your needs, answer questions and see if we are a match. Then we can determine the length, number, frequency and delivery style of the sessions. No two individuals are the same and it's important for me to understand you and your needs - It's all about you!

Sessions take place in Winchester, Hampshire or via video link.

"Mastery happens when we consistently go beyond our limits!"


The by-product of our work together is developing mental agility...

A mind that develops and improves in confidence, resilience, clarity, self worth, motivation and overall empowerment. Overcoming negative thoughts, feelings and self-sabotage to set you free and consistently achieve more.

It's an inside job, as the brain requires a software update from time to time if growth and change are to occur.

You see, although the brain is the most complex organ in the body it can be trained like a muscle.

Some people have secretly struggled for years, read endless self-help books, attended personal development courses, and often witnessed others achieving what they want, unable to work out how those people do it and make it look so effortless! Eventually concluding that maybe they're just not meant for more and end up settling for the results they already have, all the while knowing that something deep inside them is desperate to come out of hiding and get the results they want and deserve. 

With the help of a specialist coach achieving this can feel simple.

If you are ready for more...


is performance coaching for you?

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Outward Success is built on confidence, passion and integrity.
The coaching is a confidential service, providing a safe, judgement-free space so you can relax, be yourself, and achieve more than you thought possible.