Karen's passion is your success. She injects confidence and clarity, inspiring you to take action like never before. 

Below are some testimonials with brief insights of stories from clients themselves. Head on over to our BLOG page to read more of their inspiring stories in full.

“I didn't know what to expect. I was scared of what might happen. Now I can wholeheartedly say that everyone needs a Karen in their life. Working with her has helped to rebuild my life after sport. I'm more confident and much happier in my own skin." ED

“I had no confidence and would always apologise even when something wasn't my fault. I would put everyone else first and leave myself until last, even saying yes when really I wanted to say no.

I didn't believe it would be possible to change, I thought I was a lost cause, but I love the transformation. I have found a voice I didn't know I had and now I can say yes or no without feeling guilty. I walk tall and with a smile. I no longer recognise myself.AW

“Short story!

Stress at work, anxiety spreading. Someone at work recommended Karen. It took me 6 months to commit. It's changed my life. In hindsight I think I was scared and being a bloke I didn't want to admit it. Now I feel silly for waiting so long. It was nothing like I expected. If you are thinking about it - just do it!" JB

“I kept crashing the bike and couldn't hold my position in the pack. It was really frustrating and it was getting worse. Working with Karen gave me some clear strategies to use that helped transform the way I think. Now I'm back on the podium and it feels good.MM

“She misses nothing!" SR

"Retiring due to injury wasn't how I planned it. I became lost and withdrawn, unable to speak with my partner about it. Shutting down was the only way I could deal with my feelings. A good friend introduced me to Karen at an event I attended. I didn't ever expect to meet someone who I felt compelled to share my story with, it just felt right. I'm so glad I did because my future looks different now." RB

"Leaving the house on my own would trigger a panic attack. My anxiety was paralysing. It was like it for over 2 years. In that time I tried a few therapies, some worked for a short while, others made little difference. It only took one session with Karen before I was able to leave the house alone, it was like a miracle, and I've been ok ever since. I don't even know how to put it into words." EJ

“To me, the idea of talking to someone about my issues felt like admitting defeat. It turns out I was wrong. 

I can now see how difficult I have been to work for. How unnecessarily awkward I have made life for myself and those around me, especially my long-suffering wife.

Working with Karen has shone an unwanted yet insightful light onto all areas of my business, and somewhat unexpectedly my personal life too. All for the better, something I never thought I would say aloud.

She is an inspiring and clever young lady who has, according to my wife, turned the dinosaur into a 21st century man." RC

“I remember the shock when Karen suggested I set up my own business and work for myself. In not so many words I told her she was deluded.

2 years on and I have never looked back. My own business (I love saying that) is thriving.

She believed in me more than I believed in myself. Without her this would not have been possible. WARNING:

Karen takes you places that will scare the pants off you.

But believe me when I say that it's worth it and that dreams really can come true.” SG

“I would self-sabotage at match point, as if I didn't deserve to win. It only took a few sessions to eliminate the swell of emotions that once drowned my ability to execute a win." LS

"Coaching with Karen transformed every area of my life; my relationship with my partner, my friends, where I live, setting up my own business (that Karen named). There's no end to what this amazing person can do and I tell everyone about her." CB

"My friends no longer recognise me. I'm so much more confident and brave these days. My only regret is not meeting Karen sooner." SW

"It's like a mental treasure hunt for what makes you happy." DR

"In times of crisis she turns up in my head. It's weird but I like it." CJ

"I won my first ever competition." CA

"Is something missing?

Do you ever get that feeling deep inside you that just knows you're meant for more? Maybe you've tried everything but despite your efforts nothing seems to work. 

The good news... There is a way."

In the interest of confidentiality we do not disclose the identity of our clients. However, with their permission we can share success stories or extracts thereof. Head over to our BLOG page to see some of their own stories in full.